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~ Testimonials ~

"... you are a freaking genius wizard of storytelling and dance."

-  Tim, Mean Girls director

"I don’t know where to begin, but it made me have tears – loved everything about the show [Truth Be Told] , the fun, the unity, the resilience, and the inclusiveness!  It was so surprising to find many cultural elements (including the tea ceremony!) incorporated into the show.

It truly is a masterpiece with years of thoughts." 

-  Ruth, Chinese Tea Master

"You have great positive energy that attaches to others that surround you."

- Jen, EXOS employee

"You have been one of my favorite teachers and I will miss you, your style and guidance.

You always made me feel comfortable with whatever I wanted to do."

-  Andrea, yoga student

"You are very intuitive with adjustments and they always help out a ton.

I was just talking to a woman from my group today, and we spoke about how effective your pigeon adjustment is."

-  Andrew, yoga student

"I've been to a few of your classes when you were subbing, and would definitely love to have you as a regular instructor!! =)  

Very energetic and fun classes. I love how you explain everything.  Class flows very well and feels like traditional barre with some additional grace (likely due to your dance background)."

- Lorine, barre student

"You are the best boss I have ever had!  I always appreciate your great warm support and attentive response! 

Thank you thank you thank you, Heidi for everything!"

- Keiko, UJAM instructor

"Thank you again for giving me a chance to bring Bombay Jam here

and for doing such an amazing job running all of the dance events and bookings!"

-  Miriam, Bombay Jam instructor

"I wanted to send you [Google management] a note to give the biggest kudos and my heartfelt appreciation for Heidi. 

Last year I organized the first dance performance in celebration of National Dance Week. The previous dance program manager was transitioning off the role, and Heidi immediately stepped up to help me organize the event. She worked with the events team to ensure that we had a stage & tent, and supported the dance show in many ways.  This year, I was happy that Heidi took the lead to organize the National Dance Week performance!  She created a sign up page, and was the main point of contact for all the performer leads.  She also took care of all the logistics - stage, tent, sound, etc.  She took it upon herself to print brochures for the dance program, and was standing by to answer questions and publicize the dance program.  This was one of the easiest shows to put together, thanks in large to Heidi's efforts.  

With the news of her leaving, I can't imagine anyone who can fill Heidi's shoes, especially her Googley spirit.

Just wanted to let you know how grateful we are, and that she will indeed be sorely missed."

-  Merry, Google employee

"To let you know how much you really really mean to us!!!"
- Joy & Diana, yoga students
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